To carry out a task as a group, whether within a work team or between business areas, requests and promises are exchanged to coordinate actions. We understand that trust and commitment are essential pillars for collaborative working and, eventually, for productivity, effectiveness and achieving results.


The Collaborative Working program helps to promote fluid communication channels and flexible environments among different departments, thus motivating participants’ interaction with the aim of responding effectively to the needs of all the projects of the organization.

This program is addressed to:

This program is for all individuals or teams in organizations that wish to promote their development and apply collaborative and team work tools that are in alignment with the organization’s purpose. The program focuses on participants discovering how valuable collaborative working is through a learning experience.

What we do

Through an experiential approach, we help participants to:

  • Practice collaboration and team work skills to reach results and fulfill objectives.
  • Exercise communication skills to relate more effectively with others.
  • Integrate different perspectives and discover the value that others can provide to reach a common objective.

How we do it

The program adapts to the operating reality and context of the client. Through experiences and real cases we optimize practices to work ad hoc. Before the program kickoff, we request the client to hold at least 4 interviews to collect true cases of the organization, so that we can later work on them as examples.


  • 1 group of up to 20 participants


  • 8-hour workshop (1 work day)


“None of the recent advances in human history would have been possible without organizations as vehicles for human collaboration.”

Frederic Laloux
Reinventing Organizations

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