The growing complexity in the business environment is one of the greatest challenges that leaders face today. In order for an organization to navigate such complexity in an effective and successful way, it is necessary to develop a leadership style with unconventional skills and abilities.

Based on the principles and practices of Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values, by Fred Kofman, the Conscious Leadership program is designed to deepen into real situations that are relevant to the participants in every session. The aim is to transcend the “conceptual information” level and to transform it into a meaningful learning experience.


The Conscious Leadership program fosters the development of leaders with a higher consciousness level that are able to create value for the organization and their teams, as well as for themselves. It is about an emotional mastery that will allow them to reach a better quality of life.

A well-led team, and therefore a well-guided team, works in alignment because each member considers the team’s goals as their own. Leadership transforms the individual potential into collective performance.

This program is addressed to:

The Conscious Leadership program is for professionals from every industry and functional area that work in leadership roles or who lead teams, and want to:

  • Work on their personal and professional growth and development.
  • Reach higher individual satisfaction and productivity levels.
  • Have a more constructive impact on their teams.
  • Be more effective in their interactions with others.
  • Be more effective and efficient when carrying out tasks to reach better business results.

What we do

Through a practical and experiential approach, we help participants to:

  • Become aware of how they think and act, and the impact their actions have on others.
  • Acquire and apply tools and skills that will help them maximize their effectiveness and performance as leaders.
  • Incorporate values related to Responsibility, Integrity and Humility in their life (both personally and with their relationships at work).
  • Be able to communicate, negotiate, coordinate actions and develop in the most optimal way possible.

How we do it


  • Groups of up to 20 participants.


  • 3-month program.
  • 8 workshops of 4 hours each, every 2 weeks.

A workshop is facilitated every two weeks with the purpose of allowing the necessary space for participants to practice what they’ve learned and be able to identify and share a real situation that takes place in the organization to work on during the next session.


“The ideology of leadership and management that underpins large-scale human organizations today is as limiting to organizational success as the ideology of feudalism was limiting to economic success in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.”

Gary Hamel

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