Behind every conflict there is space to collaborate and become more centered in “winning with others,” instead of “winning at the expense of others.” When we recognize the positions and interests of the other party, a new space full of opportunities is created for making decisions.

To reach a Constructive Negotiation, prior individual preparation is important. This means that before talking to the other person or party involved, we must dedicate time to analyze their position and define our needs and desires, as well as theirs. Establishing the best and worst scenarios is ideal for obtaining a negotiation margin and thus reach commitments that are likely to be met by both parties.


The objective of the program is to provide tools so that participants can express their own needs more effectively, better understand what others want, identify new opportunities, develop creative solutions and reach commitments from both parties.

This program is addressed to:

The Constructive Negotiation program is for professionals and teams from every industry and functional area that want to acquire tools to reach new and creative solutions for potential conflicts.

What we do

Through a practical and experiential approach, we help participants to:

  • Become more flexible and thus find new and creative solutions for problems.
  • Learn to listen and look into matters in a productive way to reach a deeper understanding of situations, as well as the interests and positions of others.
  • Reach efficient agreements for both parties that will lead to the effective coordination of activities.

How we do it


  • 1 group of up to 20 participants


  • 8-hour workshop (1 work day)


“This technique for resolving disputes not only yields practical solutions to the problems at hand but also addresses the personal and interpersonal concerns of the conflicting parties.”

Fred Kofman
Conscious Business

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