As life itself, The Samurai Game® brings participants to experience the most beautiful emotions, such as solidarity, comradeship and leadership, but also the toughest, such as defeat, frustration and anger. Participants are challenged to express themselves under a set of principles that prepare them to fight without losing their humanity, and to lead and delegate without losing contact with their values.


The objective of The Samurai Game® is to allow participants to recognize and practice how they usually react to different situations, so that they can work on them with more clarity. The intention is to prepare professionals so that they are able to face unpredictable scenarios that reflect the pressures and challenges of the accelerated business context, the complex dynamics of organizations and politics, by competition, and by family and personal life.

This program is addressed to:

People are attracted to participate in this program for many reasons. Individuals and teams mostly participate in The Samurai Game® to deepen their self-awareness, their leadership effectiveness, the team’s cohesion and the organizational alignment.

How we do it


  • Groups from 16 to 80 participants


  • 1 day

The Samurai Game® is designed to:

  • Place participants in an unknown setting of relationships and government. From this perspective, they can obtain clear understandings of their own patterns of their usual lives.
  • Create an experience of intense competition in a setting that demands honor, dignity and integrity.
  • Provide the circumstances in which people and teams can choose to show integrity when no one is watching, offer support when things get tough and rules don’t apply easily, and show commitment when success can’t be guaranteed.
  • Create a situation in which participants become very conscious of the intensity and value of life.
  • Create an opportunity for participants to deal with loss and recovery.
  • Foster a deeper consciousness in those aspects where participants want to pause or don’t wish to feel uncomfortable.
  • Deepen the participants’ consciousness about the full interaction of emotions through beliefs and physical responses.


Based on the millenary philosophy of the samurai, this methodology is founded on two strong pillars: honorability and service. During this simulation, each participant builds victory on him or herself by facing every challenge with respect and dignity.

Participant testimonials

“Much can be said about this course-workshop, but nothing will compare to living this experience personally. Your role as leader in your organization and, moreover, in your personal life, will not be the same after The Samurai Game”

Genaro Mejía
Digital Editorial Director
Forbes Mexico


“A perfect space to give the best of yourself, connect with others, become aware of their virtues, be honorable and honor every other being”

Alejandra Fernández
Sales Director
Forbes Mexico


“This is a life simulation game where you can reach a structure to prepare your work team to achieve their objectives and also learn when to take on a battle and which battles are important in your life”

Agnaldo Da Silva
Sales Director
Volvo Mexico

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