Business cases

Business Case - Co-Creación

Co-creation of a conscious culture

Business challenge: In a context of high complexity, strong competition, constant market changes and high uncertainty, the client identified the need to address their business challenges in a different, more effective and more constructive way than they had done until then.

Industry: Retail

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Business Case - La Brecha

The cultural gap

Business challenge: The client has experienced enormous growth at an accelerated pace in recent years. In 2012, the client began to operate in the Mexican Stock Exchange, raising the levels of demand, compliance and control demanded by the standards of a public company. The business growth was supported so far mainly by one of its five products. However, to date, the client has carried out an aggressive diversification strategy.

Industry: Financial

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Business Case - Alineamiento

Culture and Higher Purpose Alignment

Business challenge: The client is facing a generational change and a potential leadership transition in the short and mid terms. In addition, it presents a record of accelerated growth and consecutive success year after year in all its KPIs. Its challenge is to successfully address these changes in the business market while maintaining and improving its business growth and revitalizing its higher purpose.

Industry: Construction

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White papers

The following White Papers offer descriptions of various technical and academic topics related to our activity. They contain a summary of the work that we and other organizations have carried out, as well as highlight broad aspects related to the successful application of the technology and services discussed.

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La felicidad es un concepto que ha ido cobrando más relevancia en los últimos tiempos. La búsqueda incansable por experimentar y vivir en un estado de plenitud llevó al desarrollo de lo que hoy se conoce como la Psicología Positiva, la...
¿Qué tienen en común empresas como Apple, Google, Nike, Procter & Gamble, eBay o Twitter? A simple vista podemos decir que son compañías con alta recordación de marca, enfocadas en innovación y líderes en su campo, pero algo que seguramente...
“Ningún cambio social puede suceder mientras no cambie primero la conciencia de los individuos.” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi A poco tiempo de las elecciones presidenciales, estamos constantemente bombardeados de información, ya sea por los medios de comunicación o por conocidos, amigos...

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